Friday, June 16, 2006

Divorced parents use Google Calendar

"Divorced parents are using tools on-line to help share the role of raising the child so both parents are involved, like Google Calendar or Ourfamilywizard. These tools feature e-scheduling and an events calendar so parents can better organize visitation and be more active in their children's lives. Kids are also more involved too, because they can go on-line and see where they're going to be this week and which parent is attending their soccer game" -  [via]

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The OurFamilyWizard website said...

Thank you for the mention.

In these tough economic times it can be tough for any family to get by, but for a family going through a divorce it can seem to be impossible. Attorney bills, court fees, evaluations can all add up pretty fast even if you get along with your former spouse. But, what if you and your ex don't get along? Your divorce could become very expensive due to disagreements, miss communications, mistakes and confusion. There is a tool out there that may be able to help you, your child or children and even your ex.

It is called the OurFamilyWizard website and it provides parents with the tools they need to share information and schedules, keep records and make plans without always having to involve the legal system. The best part is, if a disagreement does arise that cannot be solved through the site, you can get your family law professionals to assist you directly through the site. All of the pages are printable. The pages have been specially designed to contain the documentation you need for returning to court.

The records kept on the site are so good that courts in over 30 states are ordering families to use the site in contested cases. The site has been proven over the last 8 years to dramatically limit the "he said/she said" issues that keep families returning to court.

If you don't have money to waste in the legal system fighting with your ex, then you need to make an investment in your family's future. At only $99 a year per parent, the use of the site for a year for the whole family is cheaper than an hour of most attorney's time.