Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Fw: RQST00001821993 RE:Help, my Future is in BlackBerry !!!

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Subject: RQST00001821993 RE:Help, my Future is in BlackBerry !!!

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From: slash.pd@gmail.com
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Subject: Help, my Future is in BlackBerry !!!

Hello There,

I am interested in Beta Testing Blackberry MDSv4.01 . I have written
an open note to Bob Coates here...


Could whoever... please escualate this up the flagpole, so that I can
be considered as a Joe Average Beta tester for MDSv4.01 ??

Much appreciated !!

thank you


PeterDawson Home of ThoughtFlickr's
"Don't screw with me, I'm a Damnocrat and I've got nothing to lose but
my dealer-financed pickup."

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