Saturday, April 16, 2005

AANJIIWENDAMIN -discussions group.

Panel: Zanana, Randy, Soni, Victoria, Jacab, Pauline.

Q: What can be done to promote aboriginal cross cultural dialouge

Zanana : country requires that cultures need to work in silo. I.e isolatied communitys. Operating single manner, crelates competion and aurging for money and attention. I thnk we have to come together. The differences need to repected. What we in common is the goal. Its not a colur code, its about attitude.

Randy: imporatant too listen with the ears and your heart. The seven teachings are most important. Our words are scared. Our stories are scared. Therefore Leadership need to adhere to their word and follow thru with what they say. Encourage the leaders and community have to repect from their heart One another.

Soni: it hurts me too see that canada did not teach me about the first nation as part of history. Its upto us to hold the government responsible and accountable. Ifeel displaced from canada and also from India. Rewritung canadian history. Hate crimes and racism awareness. Racial profiling is being brought to the forefront. Its only through the pain of discussion can the healing begin.

Victoria : speaking from the point of non aboriginal. Issues of intergrity and trust are the key factors in building bridges. The first part is to understand colonization and domination. Then go thru the. Process of thruth to listen to the other subduesm First to ack the turth and secondly felt grief. Grief of loss and mourning. By that process, the understanding that there is continuity. What does repect ? It means to listen first. Also take action where possiblie. This is responsibility. "All of us are part of this relationship".

JAcob: the question is too broad. Touching two ppoints. Educatiuon is imprtant. Traditional education needs resurrected. Youth need to be promoted and helped. They have no funding. Give the youth a chance.

Pauline : (trusted grandmother)go back to the source. It goes back to the heart. The heart medicine comes from the orignal 4 colours. They were given the same medicine bags before they palced on motherr earth. Here on the physical plain, we have to back to the old teaching. Gotto back to the tracks and marks to see how firm they, as this shows what we are and who we are. The imbalance in life is thatwe have ack the original medicines that were given. We are all of one mind. Always working for the creator to make each one another to be better. Mother earth is getting ready for a new dress. We are all part of that dress.

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