Saturday, April 16, 2005


Pre confedreation days- mississuaga indians chief telling the story of land sales. 10 shiilings for 2080 acres. They are back to the table trying tO obtain a fair price for their lands. Hope they get a good deal.

Dennis. Pilon, chair for the centre for soicial justice. Intros. Hon. James. Bartleman.

James streses the fact that the discourse and dioges are works in progress. He brings about a case of a chinese coffe shop ownwer being fined for 25 for hiring white waiteress. Circa early '40. Laws and rules have changed.

Oh, he says that he was a desk officer for intel, during the FLQ !

Ingenious natives have the highest rate of criminal injustice, poverty, highest suicides, lowest education. Howvwer, there is a small level of middle case who are contributing to the well belling of the native indian way. 20 k native indians run their own business across timber, fisheries, arts and oil etc.

However north. Ontario is suffering. The community in the north is huge and the treaty 5 and treaty 9 covers the land as large as france. E.g 3000 people out 26000 tried to commit suicide !in the last s years. This could be the highest ratio of rates of inidents to people mass in the world. Thus indicating the stressful conditions of treaty 5 and treaty9 land areas.

White dog , ontario. Challenges the kids toread 2300 books, then he'll dress and sing 'I'm a little teapot". The kids read all the books. White dog then dresses and sings " I am a little tea pot". The point here is that the kids don't have books. And just like any other kids, they want books.

James. Is. Also lleveraging twin school concepts. He says its pretty good. He tkes the catholoc district boqrd goes to nunvit within r weeks. Toronto links in with nunivit.

James has some thoughts for the community. He's leveraging synergies across cultures. I wish him the best

Q ans. A

Are there books in native languages ?
Not much, the focus is to get books in english to them.

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