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Fw: Dialogue on Aboriginal Issues

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From: Monica Whiteye
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 12:30:35
To:Peter dawson
Subject: Re: Dialogue on Aboriginal Issues

I would be interested in sharing with you my personal story as a young girl who grew up in a Southwest native community who mom was a residential school survivor and dad's father was a war veteran who carried those behaviors throughout 2 generations of dysfunction which consisted of incest, drugs, alcoholism, and many other issues from growing up in a mainstream school full of racism, hate and hopelessness. This young girl started drinking at th age of 13, was anybody's girl because she was looking for love and caring from anyone, even if it felt yucky! She ran away from home and turned to the streets. Prostitution, drugs, bikers, clubhouses, a strippers lifestyle and hitchhiking all over southwestern ontario. She was searching, running away from anything and anyone. Went to jail, almost killed herself many times but failed at that too. Her life were with men who were in and out of jails, for robbing, drug dealing, biker related ! crimes back to living on the streeet!
s again. Many abusive relationships with men who were violent. Right to the very end, where she ended up with a retired Hell's ANgels from New York Chapter. 14 times in and out of Women shelters in her first year of sobriety. Her oldest son was the one who saved her life. He voiced and sobbed to mom," I can't do this anymore and I don't want to put my baby brother thru this either." That was the last time I looked back at a shelter for abused women. I moved forward, grieved one year for my dad who passed away from cancer with 11 years of sobriety. Moved to Brantford, went back to college at the age of 37 with 2 son's to raise. Graduated with honors and continued to work on her healing journey to wellness. TOday, she is a counsellor at a Native Family HEaling lodge, she still volunteers in the jails to help her people. Finally, is ready to work with the women and young women becaus! e for 2 years she could only work with the men because she discovered she needed!
to work on her own issues first.
She is first year Sundancer preparing to dance this year. She able to travel with a medicine man to California and then New Mexico. She will continue to help our people because this is her vision to give back what was given to her.
She was reminded awhile back when that women today was a runaway trying to survive on the street, said, " when I leave this street corner, I will be back to help my people from the shit and crap I have walked thru" I forget about this. In fact, I don't remember any of this. This is how messed up I was. My best friend, who still is today, reminded me of this.
This young girl was me. This is only a little of my story.
Signed: Polar Bear Woman Who looks Ahead

Peter dawson wrote: Se:kon All

I should be attending the Sat April 16th/" Dialogue on Aboriginal Issues ".

I was wondering if there is anyone else on this list who would be this
event too ??

We are running a web catogory called as smokesignals.

This catogory is in the sharing of information and knowledge on Native
Indian's. My intention resides in the 3P's concept. Promotion,
Preservation and Posterity of the culture, beliefs, traditions and
values of the Native Indians.

The Value statement is being driven from Elder Art Solomon, who said
"It's time for us to tell our own stories. For too long, we have had
the white man tell our story and now it's our turn, it's our turn to
talk and it's their turn to listen."

So as part of my learning and sharing experince, I would lik! e to know
if there is any possibility of hooking up with anyone so that you can
share with me your personal stories ??

Please let me know..
thanks in advnace


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