Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why does a civil discourse become redundant ?

It starts' with this thread..
where I note this comment ;

"Had it been a mainstream publication, the photographer would have acted like a professional photographer. - Cyndy"

So I ask ;

Cyndy, can you distingush between the two,please. How does a professional photographer act vs a non professional photographer ?? in so much as they are both people and have human reactions. take time to reflect before you give an answer. I have collateral available (on hand) as rebuttal. - You

and to which I get this response

Peter, show me where any photographer is supposed to BECOME a story instead of document one. We are discussing photography, not performance art, aren't we? Because if we are discussing photography AS performance art, then by all means, I'm sure you have collateral available. - Cyndy

to which I reply ;

Cynd.. yes he (kevin) become the story.. as a professional blogger/ professional photographer after he he cut the Devils Dogs 301 letter. So for telling the truth he become the story. <http://hotzone.yahoo.com/b/hot...> So lets see, what is the core traits that differentiate a professional photographer act vs a non professional photographer ? is it telling story the best way they can ? not telling the truth ? or what -- please quantify and 4get TH - You

and then I get this quoted back to me (as If I dont know the story in full !! )

We are reading the same story, right? "But I have never in my career been a "gotcha" reporter hoping for people to commit wrongdoings so that I can catch them." and "Anyone who has seen my reporting on television or read my dispatches is aware of the lengths to which I've gone to play it straight down the middle" are right in the first two paragraphs. He was documenting a story and was shocked in people calling him out. He didn't create the story. He didn't put himself in the story. And he was shocked. - Cyndy

but my root question still need to be answered ..its like wtf.. (please keep to the topic on hand and answer my question !!)

@cyndy, why are you side stepping my question ?? just tell me what is differentiator between a professional photographer act vs a non professional photographer act ? just keep it simple and in plain english. - You

And I am still awaiting an answer... Time well wasted ?? I dont think so, because I now have a more the a slight knowledge to what is fluff and what is wool !!

I'll be the first one to take mea culpa if I am wrong.. but what the heck just answer the question. Tell me a Pro will have the current lens, a non pro will not know the correct lightening needed. OR whatever is the differentiator and that what really perks my interest.

Bigger lesson- great people talk about ideas, good people talk about everyday things, the weather, the football games, golf etc. Mediocre people , just keeptalking about people !

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