Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Researching the Value of Project Management,

Researching the Value of Project Management, will be released soon.  Smartly, PMI released a preview PDF (here) and a 90 minute presentation by the lead authors Janice Thomas and Mark Mullaly, PMP (embedded here).

Mary Adams over at Hybrid Vigor will be particularly interested in the attention paid to intangible benefits (Crossderry posts here, here, and here) in the study, which Kelley Hunsberger highlighted (here).


Kelley said...

What are your thoughts on teh study's results? and there is a new video up today--www.pmi.org/value.

Alice said...

Unfortunately by 9 Sept 2008 there is only a 5 minute video. Does anyone know the whereabouts of the 90 minute video? I have reviewed the slides and I'd love to have a look at the corresponding video. (The book can't come out soon enough!!)