Sunday, January 20, 2008

Scary Times V2.0

All over the web, there is chatter of big Cuts to happen in the IT world. Late last year I was let go as a project manager. Still looking for a job - its tough !!

This morning I hear chatter that at Yahoo Inc., 1500-2,500 jobs that may be eliminated in the next two weeks. This works out too about 10-15% of their net net total talent capital. The company has a total of about 12,000 employees.

More info can be found at Silicon Valley Insider. Henry has the scoop !!

So what does this mean for the global economy in terms of talent capital and retention? With a recession looming ahead , I think there is really troubled waters ahead for the IT industry. This is the beginning of a bubble burst of Web2.0 !! Today's trading for ticker YHOO

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