Tuesday, January 29, 2008

BarCodes and Ad's

Google: "2D barcodes are an especially exciting part of this because they allow readers to "click" on interesting print ads with their cellphones and seamlessly connect to relevant online content.

 Joel is kinda reserved in passing judgment on this one .

 Why is this important, the world is getting smaller and smaller based on Mobile Technologies. I remember a long time ago I was infected with the RFID virus and noted that in Japan the RFID market space  is researching ways of directly communicating to user community on the fly. That is to the generic user walking down the street, in terms of beeps - like saying "hey you wanted this article/thing/place, its now - just 3 feet away" - concept.

Now we need to extend that concept and if I scan a google barcode on an ad, glance at it and if I like what I read, I can then store in on my device. This then radiates that info to scanners/readers as I move around my pathway of life. When I get beeped its a scanner that is situated close by that reminds me that I flagged the item. Yep, just like playing a blue tooth game :)- .. so moving the product info to be on the wire and into the ether for the consumer. Well, is it intrusive - yeah it could be. but barcode are barcodes just like Sku number which you see at every darn item that you buy.. see the inter- relation now ??

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