Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who am I and what I do ?

Funny, this statement of Hugh's  seriously caught me off balance.

" @peterdawson I've ben seeing you around for about 4 years. Besides obsessing about A-Listers, I'm not sure what it is you actualy do."

First response..just google me. But, on second thought its totally like me.  My life is a partially opened book.
Additional info of me can be garnished from [ My Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin | MyWiki ]  Oh yes don't forget to Google me (PeterDawson)  for more information !! . :)-

Methinks, if you really wanted to something about what I do or who I am, you would have at least done some due diligence research on your part too.

What I actually do, is nobodies business and mine alone. If I wanted to share something in the social web it would be out there. Just because we chat on Twitter, friendfeed and other  media, does not mean that I need to open my professional and personal stuff to the world and to you.

Respect and Trust is earned and not freely given. Thats a philosophy of mine. So there, what's the next question ? 

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