Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Fav Twits for April

Heres my picks for this Months Fav' son Twitter !!

Sarahintampa i linked to techcrunch...this feels so wrong! mattdelves Going offline for the time being. Spending the next day seeking God through Prayer and Fasting. God bless you all. robertbrook "we always get what we fear, until we stop fearing it" gapingvoid NASCAR on the bar TV. Lots of Viva Viagra ads. What does that tell you? ... Scandalous "Change is inevitable... except from vending machines.." rhh Documentary on WWII: 97 out of 100 russian soldiers taken prisoner by Germany in Barbarossa did not return home alive. Unimaginable. skemsley "constructive vandalism" = the act of entering incomplete/incorrect info on a wiki to goad someone into writing the correct content zeldman 1 project, 3 proposals, 1 dog bath, 1 toddler to preschool, 1 exit strategy, 2 conference presentations, 2 unforeseen challenges. Wednesday. mukund User Interface plays such an important part in user acceptance. Good UI, bad app= Good product, Bad UI, Great app = Awful. anniemal u know what i like most about my office? watching some1 skateboard past my glass office to theirs, holding a memo fm the printer saleemkhan @peterdawson 1404EDT Individuals, maybe; institutions, no. We (journalists) must blame ourselves for poor choices & creating fakexperts pkedrosky @mathewi @howardlindzon to make the stocktwit project work you need a widespread financial twhirl that has embedded ticker hashing mathewi @pkedrosky: i dare you to repeat that exact sentence to someone who doesn't spend most of their life online and see what they say monkchips oh yeah in case you're wondering why the bot just went insane. it skipped lunch, then accessed a banana, some plain chocolate biscuits, tea. saleemkhan @tamera 1229EDT I do not pimp. I collect information, assess, synthesize, make a determination and, if needed, recommendation. That is all. gapingvoid via @Obstructionist: "I've always measured how full of shit someone was by the number of times they use 'synergy' in an email." ryancoleman judging by the way he drives, today's bus driver is clearly a binary kind of guy - his pedals seem to be either on or off... timoreilly Wikipedia: estimate 100 million hours of cognitive activity to build. Television: US alone spends 200 billion hours/year.
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