Tuesday, May 20, 2008

herds are moving where the grass is greener and they can feed !

While Twitter was down the conversation moved here

There some real interesting thread's that suddenly sprang up between the early adopters.  I view this as akin to0, herds moving where the grass is greener and they can feed- analogy.This is the simple survival rule of any species. As for the human ones that thieve in the information matrix, Twitter is a watering hole and FriendFeed is THE Feeding grounds of info exchange. 

Today is the 2/3rd time that twitter has gone thru some massive downtime and the conversation has dynamically moved onto FriendFeed.

Here are some links to some interesting conversations

"Who needs Twitter when you have FriendFeed? This works just as well."

This Twitter downtime should really help FriendFeed. Everyone please submit feedback to them on features you'd like to see."
"Twitter is down...the converastion is moving here. This is a real threat if they don't scale."
Twitter: Something Is Technically Wrong

I have quickly culled threads that were opened within the last 1 hr, since twitter has gone down.  As one can see the early adopter's are fast becoming zissed off with twitter services. This only means that FriendFeed will go mainstream even much faster. A couple of new features and  that will certainly swing the early adopters onto FriendFeed property - full time  !!

Time will tell if FriendFeed can scale too :)-

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