Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How main Stream bloggers are ripping off idea's from others

This is an interesting pile of foo. At Philipp's forum there was a nice conversation that happened on the sexism of "She vs He" type of SERP within Google.

Today while taking my feeds, I see Valley Wag pointing to a Chicago Tribune entry on the very same content/ idea which was seeded at Philipp's blog. Therefore, I am asking what is called as authentic Journalism ??

Ok, I am not against Main Stream Media.. but is not Chicago Tribune actually ripping of Philipp's originals post without proper attribution ??

I mean the author has taken this seed of thought and spin it in a slightly different way.. and is this called as authentic Journalism ??

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Dave Wischnowsky said...


Replied to your comment in my blog. Can't say I understand in the least what your beef is, though.

It's funny, you even admit here that I take a different spin on things, yet still somehow manage to get upset. Baffling.

FYI, Philipp's forum isn't where I personally learned about the wrinkle with Google.

If he in fact was the first to discover it, then great for him. Kudos.