Wednesday, May 16, 2007

fawny keeps pushing the envelope

yes Joe Clark is the anti commons superman !! No doubt Joe is very intelligent and stirs the pot. In his post on Creative commons he challenges the notion of value propagation and who actually wins in those type of scenarios.

Well worth the time reading, and its really a challenge to sit back and accept his discourse. I think a lot of the Camps that are being done are in good faith. After all he was lead organizer for the DesignSlam Camp.

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Joe said...

I wasn’t an organizer of the DesignSlam; I was a judge.

Running a Camp in good faith is a non-sequitur. You can do that without attempting to extort participants into what could ungenerously and inaccurately be described as a socialist copyright régime. But any use of such terminology would be ungenerous and inaccurate.