Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bloglines - If You're So Dumb, Why Aren't You Rich?

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nice matrix of wealth.

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If You're So Dumb, Why Aren't You Rich?

By pk

Crazy-fun new study in press at the journal Intelligence. It attempts to puzzle out the connection between IQ and wealth, only to come up with the entertaining -- if unsurprising --  result: There isn't one. Bad news for brainy geeks everywhere.

the non-relationship between financial worth and iq

While it doesn't stand up to statistical scrutiny, an eyeball check of the above figure does make it look like there is a soft inverse relationship. In other words, maybe we should be accusing random foolish sorts among us of being smarter than they're acting: Hey, if you're so dumb, how come you're not rich?!

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