Thursday, September 14, 2006

total mayhem !!

Check it, left to right !!

Kitten 1: [Gnawing on own leg] "THIS IS SOME CRAZY SHIT, MAN"
Kitten 2: [Getting assaulted by a bro, and chomping on a foot in return] "Sayonara TOESVILLE!"
Kitten 3: (Lower middle) [Assaulting bro, eyes clenched shut] "Ye shall perish!!!"
Kitten 4: (Back) [Looking for an exit from Crazyville] "Mommeeeeeee!"
Kitten 5: (Center of pile) "Could be worse, I could be in the eleven-kitten mosh pit!"
Kitten 6: [Has no idea where his own limbs are, getting hit in face] "Don't touch the merch, mofo!"
Kitten 7: (Bottom right legs) "LAAATE!"


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