Monday, September 18, 2006


Here is a refreshing and stylish look at Tel Aviv, in City Guide Tel Aviv, in flash

Sometimes it is nice to get beyond the "news" and get a feel for life and love and beauty.

This guide called to my attention by Lisa Goldman, who helped create this guide, in her blog.  From Lisa about the guide.

City Guide: Tel Aviv was a labour of love for us all. It opens with a general history of the city, followed by a breakdown of Tel Aviv according to area, with easy-to-follow maps, background information and tips for visitors (and locals) about what to see and experience in each. It is about the real Tel Aviv - the multi-cultural, liberal, laid-back, dynamic 24-hour Levantine city with a cutting edge nightlife, thriving culture and arts scene, outdoor markets, fashionable boutiques, ethnic neighbourhoods, chic lounge bars, critically acclaimed restaurants, buzzing cafes and beautiful beaches. It is about a self-confident, exciting metropolis in which real people live. It is most emphatically not about politics, bombs, wars or Middle East crises.

..enjoy :)-

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