Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Conversational Blindness—Answering the Wrong Question the Right Way

When faced with unwanted queries, question-dodgers sometimes exploit conversational blindness—a phenomenon whereby listeners fail to notice when speakers respond to a different question than the one they are asked—by responding with answers that seem to address the question asked, but which in fact address an entirely different question. [..] A successful dodge occurs when a speaker's answer to the wrong question is so compelling that the listener both forgets the right one, and rates the dodger positively. In some cases, speakers end up better off by answering the wrong question well rather than the right question poorly.

This is an interesting paper to read. It reminds me of the mother asking the child -" have you done your homework ?" and where the child responds "mom , you know what I did in school today ?  I wrote the whole equation on the black board , when nobody in the class knew how to solve the problem" !

 Subject change - relevant to school , but not relevant to homework !

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Management Physician practice software said...

Ha ha ha.. It happened to me too many times.. Its just sometimes i was in the place of that child and sometimes in place of mother.:)