Wednesday, November 24, 2004

RE: SCM and Textiles

For an industry that makes its money by being ahead of everyone else, few have modernized the all-important supply chain. Koret is one that has invested, however.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Open Source

Enterprises are opening up to open source alternatives to commercial software, panelists said at the SDForum conference “Open Source Entering the Mainstream,” held in Santa Clara, Calif., last week.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Tim Berners-Lee Presentation at MIT

The video is out… listen to it

Intel, in Santa Clara, California, is one of only two multinational semiconductor companies to announce that it is evaluating setting up a fab in India. The other, Cypress Semiconductor, in San Jose, California, announced earlier this year that it was considering setting up a facility to manufacture solar cells in India.

Intel and B'lore

Due to the mission critical nature of Exchange, Microsoft will continue to make large investments in providing tools for the current and previous versions, said Exchange Server Senior Director Kim Akers, interviewed at the company's IT Forum in Copenhagen on Wednesday.

Exchange to get more stuff

Due to the mission critical nature of Exchange, Microsoft will continue to make large investments in providing tools for the current and previous versions, said Exchange Server Senior Director Kim Akers, interviewed at the company's IT Forum in Copenhagen on Wednesday.

Sober Worm

A new Sober worm began spreading early Friday morning in Europe and quickly gained enough traction worldwide that security companies scrambled to warn users and produce new signatures to deflect the attack

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Wow.. This a whopper.. Seagate ships 400GB hardrive.. Are we reaching that TeraLimit for Desktops soon ??

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


@ Close of Business Day : 3:48 PM / 11/16/2004
Current Market Cap (billion) 5.76 B
Shares Outstanding 33,603,000GOOG
Movement : 171.39 -13.48 (-7.29%) 18,567,897
That’s a lot of movement eh ?? 18.56Million shares for today which
 makes that to about 3.173B in todays market trends..WOW !!!

THIS is the next MSFT of tomorrow !!

Scott RFID Monologe

Scott an excellent insight into Search techniues for the future !!

IBM & RFID Research

Q&A with IBM's Paul Horn reveals where the vendor sees the biggest gains from RFID and a new prototype search engine.

RFID vs Viagra

RFID tags will be added to the impotency drug Viagra and the painkiller OxyContin, allowing the medicines to be tracked electronically from production plant to pharmacy. The move is aimed at combating counterfeiting of drugs.

Sharpening the saw !!

FDA is moving into gaming zone


Eh ?? Nokia has enabled v6 stack on their Mobiles !! Its eventually emerging ..wonder what steve deering et al are thinking !!

Friday, November 12, 2004

RFID chatter

The Department of Defense is pushing back to at least February the effective implementation date for when companies must start shipping supplies with RFID tags. The department had been targeting Jan. 1.

RIFD and I2

RFID and other supply-chain initiatives that tie systems together and impove collaboration will be big in 2005, the vendor says.

An old aritcle which coughed up .."Replacing aging homegrown systems lets companies improve supply-chain-generated bottom- and top-line results "  -;jsessionid=UJRFEX1EDOETGQSNDBGCKHSCJUMEKJVN?articleID=18300058

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Weapons free ??

Whewwwwwww.. This is hot hot hot…. Weapons free status !!
"Everything to the west is weapons free," radios Staff Sgt. Sam Mortimer of Seattle, Washington. Weapons Free means the marines can shoot whatever they see -- it's all considered hostile.

This levity continues until the Marines turn the corner onto a main street they've tactically dubbed, "Elizabeth."
Despite the constant weapons fire and explosion that have accompanied our advance -- this one is different -- it's directed at the Marines. As a squad from India Company passes by a way with a spray painted rocket propelled grenade launcher -- a real RPG round explodes against it. One Marines' face is burned by the powder and hot gas -- another has caught shrapnel in the leg, a third has been shot in the finger by the small arms fire that followed. The Marines are outraged. They turn their M-16's on the building to the west where they believe the shooter is hiding. But that's just an appetizer.

Via : KevinSites - Dispatches from a life in conflict.

Stress testing

MSN search beta, stress testing with simple string … is giving this err msg..there's server overload

This site is temporarily unavailable, please check back soon.

RFID Stuff

Heres another round up from NYT..

MSN vs Other Search Engines

Just trying the Search MSN …heres the scoop for "PeterDawson"

MSN = > Results 1-15 of about 36 containing "PeterDawson"
Google = > Results 1 - 10 of about 824 for PeterDawson. (1.32 seconds
Yahoo= >Results 1 - 10 of about 290 for PeterDawson <*-http%3A//>  - 0.22 sec
IceRocket = >Results 1 - 20 of 822 for PeterDawson <> . (0.44 seconds

I notice that 2 of them have the URL's embedded into the display results

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

RFID & Big Blue

The time has come !! RFID is getting endorsements from vertical segment of Electronics.. This moves the whole segement from Consumer Applications to industrial applications too.

This will need to be carefully monitored. Green Services is in the loop. Electronic equipment destruction needs to follow part of the Kyoto Accord !!

Fallajuh Stuff

There 's some great news coming from BBC. Here a satimage too !!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Whewwwwww.. Just got Candidate1 downloaded. Still tweaking extensions and themes. Now I am on home run to .. Once I get this going.. My nerd stick is stacked with all the gizmo I need for road.. Any hotel, any cybercaf√É© and what not !!!

Blogger Corporate

Forrester Researche, Charlen Li gives us a nice review on what a corporate blogger needs to do. This entry needs more intrustive aanlysis .. Later

WTF is MS doing now ????

WTF is MicroSoft doing with dleivering Sharing tools to the government ?? Softening the blow as a move agains Oopen source ??

Monday, November 08, 2004

Microsoft Settles With Novell and a Trade Group

This is indeed interesting.. They actually pay out moneyas part of the settlement ..and their stock prices drop.

But what do they do the day before eh ?? They tweak there common stock prices !! Yes, I actually blogged that too. This means zero stock leverage in all reality for share holder values.

Microsoft To Provide Early Security Warnings to All

Beginning this month, Microsoft will start to publish details about upcoming security updates in a newsletter available to the general public. Previously this information had been available, but only to those who knew about it and would sign a confidentiality agreement, which ended up being a handful of its largest customers.

Via :

Portable FireFox !!

This is hecka kewl nerdstick type of affair !!!   Firefox supports running from removable drives with minimal reconfiguration

GE to sell 60 percent of Indian BPO operation

This is an interesting article. 60% of GE BPO operations will be sold for a tune of $500 million !!
By selling off a part of the equity in Indian software and BPO subsidiaries, multinational companies aim to cash in on investments and pass on the management to others, without losing access to the services captive operations in India provided

Tweaking Stock options ??

Microsoft Seeks To Tweak Stock Option Plan Before Granting Dividend.

Ghung Ho !!! ... "For Microsoft shareholders, the holidays will likely come early this year in the form of a one-time $3 dividend that's part of the company's plan to return some of its $64.4 billion cash horde back to shareholders.

But Microsoft won't hand out the cash unless shareholders allow the company to alter its stock compensation plans, so employees who hold stock options and stock awards aren't hurt by the dividend payout. Shareholders are being asked to approve the proposals at Tuesday's
annual meeting "

Via: Breaking news

Hack 2 Cisco's Pixbox

Hackers reopen stolen code store with Cisco wares. Source Code Club offering code for Cisco's PIX firewall software for $24,000.

The Source Code Club reappeared online Monday, using messages to online security discussion groups to announce that it was back in business. The group is using e-mail and messages posted in a Usenet group to communicate with customers and receive orders for the source
code of several security products, including Cisco's PIX 6.3.1 firewall and intrusion detection system (IDS) software from Enterasys Networks Inc., the group said.

Cisco did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This Clubs in the Ukarines ?? Larry Hobbles is back on intel esponiage !!

Via :info world

GI take On Fullajah

Breaking News :- UPDATED MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2004 1:22 AM ET

G.I.'s Open Attack to Take Falluja From Iraq Rebels.

FALLUJA, Iraq, - Explosions and heavy gunfire thundered across Falluja on Sunday night and early Monday as American troops seized control of two strategic bridges, a hospital and other objectives in the first stage of a long-expected invasion of the city, the center of the Iraqi

Via : NYT

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Impressioniste ??

It kinda crazy, my other blogs are getting more attention. Got over 1510 hits this week..... and the halloween pics got just a little over 1000 hits in just 48 hours !!

SCMv2.0 needs to be luanched. I will need to research the backgrounder on AMPS -notice C189 & C319. I'll seek a rebuttal from Canada Border and Security Agency on these mandates. We'll get the Forum engaged. I noted the "Export Regime".

This will be interesting.. Our Government of Canada will be challegened, once again !!

United States of Canada

Oleg reports a good pic of US/CA ..2020 vision ?

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Things grow better with Coke

Instead of paying hefty fees to international chemical companies for patented pesticides, Indian Farnmers are reportedly spraying their cotton and chilli fields with Coca-Cola.

One litre of highly concentrated Avant, Tracer and Nuvocron, three popular Indian pesticides, costs around 10,000 rupees (£120), but one-and-a-half litres of locally made Coca-Cola is 30 rupees. To spray an acre would be a mere 270 rupees.

270 Rupees = £2.5...Now go figure !!!

Nokia Moving in

Great news..Noikia moves into the moblie marker none other.. !!! I have seen their Gadgets in action on the theate !!


TP actually comes out with a good Manifesto on Off Shoring. I blogged it here

MY backlog

Whewwwww.. 3 Days off bloggin and this is the mess (undread RSS)

New Lines = 119
Tech Stuff =115
Geek Read = 70

Other peeps = ..not even going there...

Monday, November 01, 2004

Tyco and Tata India

Tyco and Tata said the world's most advanced and extensive submarine cable system will be transferred to Tata's Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (VSNL) for $130 million. Tyco positioned the network for sale last year by writing down the value of the network by $1.2 billion. During the height of the telecom bubble, the network had a market valuation of more than $3 billion.

Another article here .. Corporate America is now being outsourced to India !!

Windows vs Linux

Cutting Edge Tech report (without the hype.. separation of the myth from reality !!!)

Windows vs Linux wars

Oracle again !!

Oracle is again bidding for PeopleSoft.. for the 14th time ??? I had a a riff here

Gmail security Flaw?

So you’ve got a Gmail mail account? Or maybe you’ve just received an invitation? Well, we have some bad news for you: Your mail box is exposed. A major security hole in Google's mail service, allows full access to user accounts, without the need of a password."Everything could get publicly exposed – your received .

via :Nitzan

Bay Area firms hunt top talent

This goes hand in glove with my DotComBubbleV2.0 blog !!

Googl Watch

"Today, Google is still plenty interesting for financial reasons. In the weeks before its shares first went on sale in August, disparaging views about its prospects forced it to lower the target price to $85 a share from $135. By last week, its stock had more than doubled, to $190.64, giving it a market capitalization of $52 billion, more than Ford and General Motors combined. "

Via : NYT